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Aura Technical Institute Ragem was founded in 1990. The Institute has 7 main departments.
Through a program of continuous investment by the Ugandan Government in collaboration with partners including South Korea, the Institute benefits from the very best facilities and equipment in the West Nile.

ATIR offers certificate based formal and non-formal skills based training. Students can study for formal qualifications - Level I and Level II Craft Certificates awarded by UBTEB. In addition, ATIR provides non-formal skills based training (short duration courses) across a variety of skills for disadvantaged youth. The non-formal students undertake a DIT (Directorate of Industrial Training) practical examination at the end of the training period. 

The institute provides its students with the technical and interpersonal skills required to meet the demands of today’s fast moving workplace environments. The skills training delivered at ATIR enables students to go on to succeed in finding jobs, creating their own enterprises or pursuing further studies.


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