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Students can study for formal qualifications - Level I and Level II Craft Certificates awarded by UBTEB.
The institute has 8 main departments. 
  • Woodwork Technology (WT)

  • Automotive Mechanics (AM)

  • Electrical Installation and System Maintenance (EISM)

  • Plumbing (PL)

  • Fashion and Garment Design (FGD)

  • Building Construction (BC)

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

  • Machining and Fitting (MF)

ATIR also provides non-formal skills based training (short duration courses 6 months) across a variety of skills for disadvantaged youth. The non-formal students undertake a DIT (Directorate of Industrial Training) practical examination at the end of the training period.

Welding & Metal Fabrication
Electrical Installations
Carpentry and Joinery
Knitting and Weaving
Building Construction
Computer Training
Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Agriculture – LEAD VSO Training
A new addition to the Institute is non-formal courses in agribusiness related skills for disadvantaged youth.
Through a partnership with the VSO LEAD Project ATIR offers six agriculture related courses short courses (6 month duration)
Agri-Carpentry, Agri-Plumbing, Agri-Welding, Agri Motor-Vehicle Mechanics, Livestock (Piggery), Horticulture.

Non-formal students
Agriculture department output of cabbages


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